If you’re unsatisfied by your height and are willing to do something about it, this blog is for you.

Hi! I’m Mark Ashbel and I’m the founder of Grow Taller Academy. I’ve created this blog because:

  • I believe that being short should not deny you the freedom to express or rob you of confidence in social situations,
  • I believe that lack of height shouldn’t come between you and your fulfillment, and
  • I believe we must constantly pushing ourselves for the better cause life’s in the journey not the destination.

Now don’t be mistaken .This site isn’t about some bogus that people who’ve completed growing can be made taller by a miracle formula or about some long lost secret that claims to give you so many inches in so many weeks.

If you are an adolescent or a young adult & still growing, great!. Here, I’ll reveal all you can do to attain your optimum height and take charge of your growth process before it stops.

However, this site is primarily dedicated to helping people way past their growth period and still wishing to somehow grow taller focus instead on what they can do to improve their appearance , Exhibit elegance without any pretense and most importantly live without any concern of height or a shame of its lack.

Let’s face it , There is an implicit bias in society; and your height plays an important role in how you are perceived by the people around you. A growing body of research now confirms that height has a significant effect on how we treat each other.

Short men face any number of issues on a daily basis. On top of that, they also have to endure slights, insults and prejudice.

What adds to their problem is that people still refuse to acknowledge that heightism is real. Denial about height discrimination persists in society and no one wants to hear you complain any different.

And with no one to speak to for support, the effects can be devastating to the self image of an individual.

so, am I suggesting you accept the hand you were dealt, shrug your shoulders and carry on with life enduring unfair treatment and mockery just because you’re of a certain height?

Absolutely not.

Height isn’t something to be ashamed of

Good things come in all shapes, sizes and colours as is the case with people too.

You dont have to be a 6 foot something to live your life with dignity, to walk around with poise, to ask out the girl you just met or to express yourself with conviction.

I repeat, height isn’t something to be ashamed of. But what about facing the collective unconscious and sometimes deliberate bias?

Turns out, there are quite a few ways to project yourself in a graceful manner by which not only you make up for the lack of a few inches but also project yourself as someone to look up to. and I’m here to help you with it.

In short, this site is for you if, You

  • Want to go about your life without having any concern of height.
  • Have faced the ‘shorty’ ridicule or other such derogatory remarks.
  • Are not gullible enough to believe in magical height gain medicines or formulas or any such quackery promising ridiculous height gains even beyond the growth years.
  • have been affected by the lack of height or if your height is coming in the way of your self- fulfillment, and finally
  • are willing to consider changes in what you eat, are willing to take out time for exercise and are willing to make adjustments in what you wear etc.


What to expect

The general attitude towards the height problem on the net is either that nothing can be done about it (people just don’t grow taller beyond a certain age) or to present shady material claiming height increase of 2-3 inches in a few weeks to vulnerable people prone to scams.

So, intelligent and rational people with height issues are forced into helplessness and defeat thinking there isn’t a way out. Whereas the slightly gullible and foolish ones fall prey to scammers and are forced to part with their money.

Its a shame.

And as much as I would love to have a quick-fix, sure-shot pill to be taller, there isn’t any. If there was, don’t you think the entire fashion industry and the whole of Hollywood would have fought head over heels to get it.

Its about time someone dealt with the problem my way.

Grow Taller Academy is a compilation of over 3 years of desperate research that I undertook to find all possible solutions to the issue of height.

And No, unlike others out there, I Will Not give you any assurances of height ( if you’ve stopped growing)

For those young people out there who are still growing; a lot can be done to achieve your optimum height, if you are truly committed to your practice and take proper action.

I am here to:

  • Help you select what to eat for maximum height gains and foods to avoid like the plague.
  • Guide you through exercise regimens proven to have maximum impact on the growth process.
  • Aid you with lifestyle changes to further speed up your gains and also habits to drop if you’re serious about gaining optimum height.
  • Assist you in avoiding the various factors which may stunt your growth.
  • Plus, guide you through all the other tips and techniques: be it apparel or posture that I outline further below.

However, all is not lost if you’ve stopped growing

You’d be surprised at how much apparent height you’d gain if you follow what I’ve got to offer.

  • Its (not just) about easy style tricks to look taller.
  • Its (not just) about apparel and footwear.
  • Its (not just) about posture.
  • Its (not just) about fitness.

The fashion industry has a blatant disregard for men of short height. As such, its quite an ordeal for short men to find clothes that fit properly.

My Story:

During early adolescence, I grew pretty decently as compared to my peers and as such was never really bothered of height. I never even had the idea that people eventually did stop growing.

The end of high school came. I had stopped growing and  was 5’8″.

However, I was gripped by this intense desire to be “Tall , Dark and Handsome”. If only I could be taller, I thought, all would be good. And on top of that, I was unaware that I walked with slouched shoulders.

You must swing everyday” and other such ridiculous and ineffective advice was all my friends and family could give me to help me with my height problem.

And it was frustrating.

The feelings of inadequacy and awkwardness and a lust for height only grew with time. Whenever a 6 foot someone was nearby, I remember swooping in the chance to walk extremely close by just to see how much I had fallen short from being the full fledged person of my dreams(all the time writhing within for being denied such awesomeness.)

Anyways, I decided to take some action on my desire, turned to the net for possible solutions and came across a popular course of that time (that sold really well!)

I took their affiliates program in the guise of promoting their product, when all I wanted was to lay my hands on the product itself. And being an affiliate, I was sent the product(an e-book) without even having to pay for it 🙂

Next, I diligently applied myself to the process everyone else was boasting increased height 2-3 inches in 6 weeks[and by everyone, I mean the 5-10 testimonials on their product page]

The exercises were torture, and with three levels of increasing difficulty.The morning and evening drink tasted like shit, making me want to puke everytime I took a sip.

And worst of, I had to endure this nightmare everyday for 6 weeks.

Somewhere along the lane , I did come to realize of my gullible and foolhardy nature.

Now, the surprising part was that I did actually gain an inch. Only later to find out that it was just due to difference in time while taking the readings(we all wake up an inch taller in the morning than we go to bed.)

I don’t know how this failure bolstered optimism, but the next thing I know, I resolved to put the problem to grave once and for all and find out ALL possible solutions to the height problem.

I undertook to myself the daunting task of finding all I could about of the growth process. My study and research included scholarly articles on growth, scientific publications on height, recent as well as old research on databases like Pubmed , several books on the subject, case studies of people dealing with congenital and hereditary diseases relating to height as well as those showing abnormalities in the growth process.

Meanwhile, I was also looking into how a person could present himself in as graceful manner as possible, no matter what height he or she may be. After-all, there was no guarantee that one could be made to grow taller.

While I did uncover evidence that states otherwise, I am thoroughly convinced now that the latter approach is far better and less demanding than the former.

Gradually, came an acceptance of myself (believe me, it helps loads). Also, a proper workout regimen, good eating habits, posture management, yoga (that I learnt in an Ashram in India) and a few manipulations to my hair and what I wear, have all helped me look much taller and consequently much more confident be it in social circles or with a date.( I can easily pass off as 5’10” or 5’10.5″ person).

And if you’ve stopped growing you should seriously learn the difference between wishful thinking and practicality; stop hoping to wake as a 6 foot someone and focus instead on what works. Unless of course you’re considering radical and crazy ways to gain height like surgery.

It as sometime between all this searching,that, in a spirit of sharing my experiences, a sense of responsibility and also as a record for thousands of hours of research, I decide to start Grow Taller Academy.

I reckoned, there may be many people in the same shoes I once was in: struggling with their self image or people who just want want their dress to fit properly or those who just wish to go about their daily life without any height related hassles.

I’ve found out the solution to my height problem, something which works and I’m here to share it with You.


Phew! that was long. I thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you bookmark the site and keep returning and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!

PS. What do you think? Am I doing great? awesome? pathetic? What do you love/hate about me or this blog? And most importantly, what’s your height story? Has it been a source of trouble and a pain in the bottom or have you and the people around you been indifferent to the issue? What do you want added or removed?

I’ll highly value your opinion so feel free to criticize.