Before You Begin

You do realize that any height gain is impossible overnight. You have to give in dedication, effort and diligence if you want to be rewarded with a whole new identity. Believe me, its so very worth it.

Now that you have a desire to grow taller, you must enforce it with willingness to take action.

Your quest for height is going to demand a lot from you.How willing you are to participate will determine how long you take to see visible signs of growth.Your body is constantly in a state of flux. That is why this whole endeavor of height increase is possible.  Many people begin to see their first growth signs- a moderate effect (0.5 -1 inch) in about a month and a half of undertaking what we have to offer here. Few absolutely dedicated individuals surprise me with the same growth in about a month.While there are others whose bodies are a bit more resilient to change, thereby increasing the time required to about two months. Mind you I said first growth signs… the quest is not complete yet. There’s still lot of room for growth.

Then, there is a vast majority (much greater than the above three categories combined) of couch potatoes, who wont even budge from their place; procrastinators, who would rather start doing things ‘tomorrow’; and those unfortunate to be on the wrong road and making effort in the wrong direction. All of them are destined to remain in a state of stagnancy, never showing any growth.

Now that you have a desire to grow taller, you must enforce it with willingness to take action

So, the only thing you need to do before you begin, is make up your mind and choose wisely, because that will determine whether the quality of your life in future gets enhanced or not. It will determine whether others look up to you or not(oh, I do love the pun) and whether you keep cussing yourself, your genes or your environment for a long long time.